A Hierarchy of Principles


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VIOLENCE Divines Tarot and Terror in Their Foreboding New Video



Many don't understand
how powerful irresponsibility is.
So many choices that are made
that seem inconsequential have origins in
or are the result of
or result themselves in
in death
and pain.

In one sense this is meaningful
because it shows the mundaneity of death
and pain.
But in another sense
it is the truth that propels a life principled
on empathy and compassion.
For every one that justifies 'goodness' through the understanding
of the precious mundaneity of life
There are 30 others that are the inverse.
And between those two types of principled peoples
are those that are careless:
The ones that remain indifferent and
live their lives with a mawkish neediness.

They live in-between superstitions
and in fear of the world around them
within multiple hierarchies that enchain their movements,
their appearances, their beliefs.


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